Poster Girl

Anne Emerick – illustrated by Laura Petrisin

Paula wants to win the third-grade science poster contest more than anything. There’s just one problem – and her name is Cynthia Lyden.

Also known as Miss Perfect.

Cynthia, a girl with a different hair scrunchie for every outfit. Cynthia, who handwrites whole pages without a single cross-out. Cynthia, who framed her poster and brought it in a day early.

Is Paula clever enough to compete with Cynthia? And if so, will it matter? As the two girls compete, Paula makes a startling discovery that changes her desire to out-do her rival.

Poster Girl includes information on why leaves change color and the trees which produce the beautifully colored leaves each autumn.

Ages:  7 – 10
Format  Paperback
Price:  $4.99
Publication Date:  July 7 2007

“I’m sure you’ll want to order multiple copies for your elementary collection.”Diane Chen, on Practically Paradise blog, School Library Journal

“Anne Emerick’s story of jealousy, misunderstanding and friendship offers just the right blend of humor and poignancy. Every young reader will be able to relate to “Poster Girl!”Karen Kaufman Orloff, author of I Wanna Iguana and If Mom Had 3 Arms
“Told in the warm, authentic voice of a third grader, the story brings science together with character as it gives hope to readers whose true colors are yet to be revealed. A delightful read with strong curriculum connections for grades 2-4!”Suzy Red, M.Ed.,
“I found this book to be delightful and have a few students who I believe will benefit from reading it!”Kristie Clark – Alton School Librarian
“Our students are enjoying Poster Girl a great deal. Great job! Looking forward to many more.”Jefferson Elementary Librarian
“This is just the way I felt as a girl. I was (am) very competitive! Very realistic fiction!”Dunbar Intermediate School Librarian.

Also available from Baker & Taylor